Valheim Thistle: How To Farm Thistles, Where To Find Them and What Use Do They Have?

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Valheim is full of plenty of resources to discover and put to good use. Many biomes are littered with plants, some of which may not be immediately obvious or easy to find, the Thistle is not one of these. Probably one of the easiest materials to find, the Thistle has plenty of uses and is fairly simple to find. If you want to find out more about how to turn this plant into something handy, keep reading.

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How To Farm Thistles

Thistles can be identified by their bright blue lights, they may seem pretty useless at first but in reality, they'll come in handy. To find them, head to the Black Forest biome, here you should find plenty of them in groups of up to four. To collect Thistles, press E whilst hovering over them. Thistles are one of the most common plants you'll find in terms of their spawn rate, there's a ton of them to collect them out exploring. Before you head into the Black Forest, be sure you're ready, the enemies will hit harder and the chances of you dying are a lot higher. You'll want to atleast have Bronze Armour before entering this biome, find out more about that here.

Crafting With Thistles

As mentioned earlier, many players may be inclined to throw out Thistles when trying to free up bag space, try to hold onto them if you can. They can be used to craft a variety of useful items, find them listed below:


  • 2x Entrails
  • 1x Raw Meat
  • 4x Thistle

Frost Resistance Mead (Base)

  • 10x Honey
  • 5x Thistle
  • 2x Bloodbag
  • 1x Greydwarf Eye

Poison Resistance Mead (Base)

  • 10x Honey
  • 5x Thistle
  • 1x Neck Tail
  • 10x Coal

Aside from the Black Forest there are plenty of biomes to discover within Valheim, here, you can find our guide on how to progress through each, in the correct order. Some of these areas aren't event complete yet, like the Mistlands, a dark and mysterious place.

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