Valheim Tame Wolves: How To Get Pet Wolves and Breed Them

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One of the most enjoyable aspects of Valheim is being able to tame animals like Boars, Lox and Wolves. Although Boars are a great form of meat and Leather Scraps, Lox currently don't really have much use, but Wolves are super useful. Wolves can be used to bring down enemies and if you plan on breeding them, then you'll have a Wolf army which is no match for most enemies. Keep reading below to find out how to tame and breed them!

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How To Tame Wolves

Before even thinking about taming any Wolves, it's best you set up a Mountain base, preferably nearby another biome in case you need other materials. Doing this will make the taming process a lot smoother as you can continue to do other things, knowing the Wolf you're taming is safe within your base.

Once you've got a camp set up, you'll want to make a pen to trap the Wolf in, this will require a decent amount of wood and due to the Mountains rocky nature, you'll likely have to stack a few fences here and there to prevent any escapes. Be sure to leave space to put a gate, otherwise, you can leave a gap and fill it in once the Wolf is in, though this is a little riskier.

Now that your pen is built, time to find some Wolves, once you stumble across one, aggro it by getting close by. An exclamation mark will appear above them, this is your queue to run like the wind. Lead the Wolf back towards your base and into the enclosure you've made. Run back out once it's inside and either place down a gate or close the one already there if there is one.

Gradually as the Wolf calm down you'll see yellow hearts appear above its head, now it's time to fill its belly. Make sure you have plenty of raw meat on hand, if you don't you better rush and go get some. Just the same as when taming boars with berries, you'll want to throw the meat into the pen. To drop an item, find it in your inventory and drag it outside of the interface, this will drop it in front of you so make sure you're facing the pen and have a bit of height.

You can check the tame progress of the Wolf by simply hovering your cursor over it, after a while they will become fully tame and you can enter into the pen with them. If you were desperate like me to pet a Wolf, you are in luck, you can do so and it will actually tell your Wolf to either stay put or follow you, time to build an army of Wolves. Yes, you could continue doing the above method but breeding would be a lot easier.


How To Breed Wolves

Similar to boars, all Wolves need to mate is to be in the same pen, kept happy and healthy, meaning you need to make sure they are well fed with raw meat. When they eventually do breed, some pink hearts will appear above them, a few days later in-game you should see an adorable Wolf cub. If you can't get any pups to be born, you might need to expand the size of your pen, for some reason, this can sometimes impact the Wolves ability to breed. Keep all your Wolves looked after and with a constant supply of food they will keep mating until you become the Wolf overlord you were meant to be.

If you're planning on taming Wolves and heading into the Mountain you'll need to make sure you're armoured up, check out our guide here. You can also run into plenty of enemies in the Mountains so a Draugr Fang Bow may come in handy.