Valheim: Best Seeds and Base Locations

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Valheim functions through seed code, basic strings of characters that determine the features of the very world you enter! Enter the correct seed and you can find a perfect place to build a base, somewhere close to good resources, or just give yourself a whole new level of challenge by heading out to the wilderness. We've listed the best seeds and base locations below, as well as some extras to keep things more interesting.

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Best Base Locations in Valheim

To find the best base locations in Valheim, you should use seed codes to determine the layout and features of the world. Seeds can be a superb way to get a precise kind of game, simply by entering a single code at the start. We've laid out some good sample seeds below, but if you've already made a world, here are some things to look for when looking for the best base location. You likely won't get all of these, but getting most is still excellent.

  • Don't build too close to trees
  • Build close to rivers or the ocean
  • High, flat platueaus make defense much easier (and flat ground is generally best)
  • If you don't have a bed, build close to your spawn point
  • Close to ore nodes
  • Close to rune stones for boss farming

Best Valheim Seeds

Beginner Seeds

  • wVJCZahxX8 (Start in the Green Forest biome with a Swamp biome next to it)
  • JXGZpTsizn (Start in the Meadows biome near a lake and large plains with plenty of boar)
  • E59f0Y5EJq (Start in a beginner-friendly area, plenty of resources and safe)

Difficult Seeds

  • 9XXSkHweNp (Start nearby to the Desert biome)
  • sZFUrABLgu (Start on a northern mountain)

Odd Seeds

  • yfNmtqZ5mh (Start inside a tree in a swamp)
  • 0Mvq58FMe0 (Start on an Island with only rocks)

How to Enter Seeds in Valheim

Entering a seed in Valheim is very easy - once you start the new world, make sure you have the corresponding code copied into your computer, or just written down somewhere. Then, on the menu that shows itself when you start a new world, simply paste or type into the "seed input field" beneath the world's name. Then simply enter the world, and it should match the code accordingly.


If you find a seed you think is worth adding to the list then let us know! We'll be updating this page regularly as we find out more and as better seeds are discovered.

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