Valheim: How To Find and Craft Maypoles, What Do They Do?

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If you've been exploring in Valheim you might have come across a strange structure, green and pretty obscure looking. These are called Maypoles and they will be pretty useful to players, but how do you find them and can you craft them? We've got the answers below!

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How To Find Maypoles & What Do They Do? 

Maypoles are a structure covered in moss than can be found within the world of Valheim. Players can find them when out and about exploring, usually they will be located in an abandoned village. It may be worth setting up base around a Maypole due to the fact it gives an added bonus of one comfort point. Unfortunately, there is no way to craft a Maypole without cheating, if you're happy to do so then keep reading below!

How To Craft Maypoles Using Cheats

As mentioned above you won't be able to place a Maypole in your base if it's already built, but this is when cheats come in handy! To enable debug mode start by pressing F5 which will open the command console, enter 'imacheater', press enter then type 'debugmode' and press enter again. You'll need a Workbench to be able to craft the Maypole once debug mode has been activated, use the below resources to make one:

  • x4 Dandelion
  • x4 Thistle 
  • x10 Wood

If you're unsure about where to get the materials above, no worries. Dandelions can be found on the ground, they spawn at random and are basically just yellow flowers, Thistles usually spawn in the Black Forest biome and can be spotted by their bright blue features and Wood can be acquired from chopping down trees or dropped by Greydwarves.

That's all you need to know about Maypoles, if you're interested in finding out more about Valheim, check out our armour guide. It might be an idea to get yourself the best bow in the game too, to pair with your brand new armour.