Valheim Hearth And Home Update Release Time Countdown

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Valheim sales recently surpassed six million copies, but Iron Gate is far from finished, as the Valheim Hearth and Home update is planned for sometime later in 2021. It’s the first major Valheim update, slated to add new housing mechanics, creatures, and so much more to the Norse survival game.

We already know a bit about what to expect thanks to a few teasers Iron Gate dropped, but the developer also said before nailing down any of the content or release date, it has to focus on bug fixes first. Still, there’s plenty to look forward to. Here’s everything we know about the Valheim Hearth and Home update.


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Latest News

September 16 -

Today's the day and we've only a few hours to go until launch. We'll be sure to bring you any updates on download size and patch notes later today. Likewise, if there are any issues with deployment or servers we'll be sure to keep you updated.

For now, all that's left to do is watch this countdown clock tick down...

Valheim Hearth and Home Release Time Countdown



September 15 -

The Valheim devs at Iron Gate have finally confirmed the Hearth and Home release time, as well as a few more details. Here's the message, along with a countdown timer (now above) so you know how long is left to wait.

  • Hearth & Home will go live on September 16th, 15.00 CEST.
  • Your Existing worlds will not be destroyed. The new content should be available there, but you will need to pick up some new ingredients (or drop the ones in your inventory and pick them up again), and explore new areas to access it. For the best experience we recommend you to start a new world when you have downloaded the update.
  • One a world or a character has been played using Hearth & Home, it will no longer work with older versions of the game.
  • Backing up your old worlds is always a good idea, just in case!
  • If you're playing with mods, they will most likely not work with Hearth & Home right away. To make sure you're actually able to play when the update goes live, it's a good idea to (temporarily) remove your mods complete. If you get a Unity error while trying to launch the game, you have likely not removed all relevant mods.
  • Be considerate! Some people want to find things out on their own, so be careful discussing spoilers!

September 15 -

Still no official release time for Hearth and Home but one interesting tidbit to notice from the Fireside Chat (below) is that the developers have suggested players start a completely new game for Hearth And Home.

This was initially spotted by PC Gamer, with Valheim creator Richard Svensson saying:


“I really hope people will, instead of just continue playing with their own worlds, actually create a new world and start from the beginning....we added some new locations to the Plains biome, and [if] you have already explored parts of the Plains biome, those areas will not be changed. You will have to go to unexplored areas to find the new things”.

September 14 - Hearth and Home Release Countdown

There's not long to wait. Hopefully, the devs will reveal an official release time for the Hearth and Home update in the coming days, especially with the new update set for release this Thursday, on September 16.

For now, enjoy this fireside chat with the devs:


August 25 - Hearth and Home Release Date Announced

Iron Gate announced Hearth and Home releases September 16 during Gamescom 2021 and debuted a new animated trailer in honour of the expansion.

August 16 - Health Vs Stamina System Detailed

Within a new Twitter update, Iron Gate detailed how the food system will work in Hearth and Home. Confirming food items are now being split into two categories, health and stamina, confirming this is designed to suit different playstyles. You can watch that below:

May 28 - New Item Teases


As is becoming Iron Gate's custom, the dev team shared a brief new update on Steam with two image teasers for Hearth and Home new items. Or materials. Or something?

It's pretty difficult to pick out what Iron Gate is actually showing here. The first part could be sand or maybe a new kind of covering stretched out on the tanning rack.

Image showing teased new additions to valheim hearth and home

The second is even more vague. It's a vertical wooden structure that could be some kind of lattice work or a new decorative window frame.

Image showing unknown wooden structure teased for Valheim hearth and home update

Valheim Hearth and Home Release Date

Iron Gate previously promised Valheim Hearth and Home would arrive sometime this year and now, we've got a confirmed release date for September 16th, 2021.

Valheim Hearth and Home Teasers

Iron Gate has already teased multiple aspects of the update, without giving anything concrete away. In March, they shared an image of a raven, prompting speculating that Odin would make an appearance.

More recently, the team teased updates for trolls — though these will land sometime before the Hearth and Home update — plus what looks like a fancy chair of some kind… something else. The second image Iron Gate shared is a bit more open-ended.

There’s water, what looks like minerals, and other building materials, and the developers said it’s an essential part of the update.

Valheim Hearth and Home New Additions

We know Hearth and Home will focus on, well, the hearth and the home. Cooking is a major part of the update, splitting food into three categories, as indicated by a fork icon. A red fork icon indicates it'll mainly give health, white shows health and stamina regeneration are split, whereas yellow fork icon is more for stamina.


As for house-related building, players can craft new items like butcher tables, window hatches and more, using new building materials. Weapon updates are also being implemented, alongside new treasure chests for gold storage and shield improvements, implementing knockback effects,

Valheim Content Roadmap 2021

Iron Gate shared a content roadmap outlining plans for the remainder of the year. After Hearth and Home, we can expect:

  • Cult of the Wolf (combat update)
  • Ships and Sea (a naval version of Hearth and Home)
  • Mistlands (a brand-new Valheim biome)