Valheim Stone Golems and How to Beat Them

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Valheim Stone Golems have been around for a while, but they've taken on some additional importance thanks to the Hearth and Home update. A Stone Golem is your chief source for crystal shards, which you'll need plenty of if you want to make the new Crystal Axe.

They're about as tough as you'd expect from a giant pile of sentient rock, but there are some strategies to help make Stone Golem fights easier.


Valheim Stone Golem | Stone Golem Locations

Stone Golem are only found in the Mountain biome. That means you'll need to defend against extreme cold with frost-resistant potions or the Wolf Armor, if you have it. As with any difficult fight, make sure you're prepared with health- and stamina-restoring items too.

The iron pickaxe is ideal, if you can make it. These have the highest damage potential among the weapon type, though naturally, they require more and rarer minerals to craft.

Stone Golem don't move or attack unless you approach them, so make sure to run up to every pile of rocks you see if you're having a hard time finding one.


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Image showing Valheim mountain biome

Valheim Stone Golem | Stone Golem Fight

The Stone Golem has incredibly high defense and is only vulnerable to pickaxes. You may run into two kinds of Stone Golem, one with spiky arms and one with rounded arms. Both have the same drops, but they attack differently.


Spiky-armed golems have a ranged attack where they shoot spikes and an attack where they swing their arms in a half circle.

Round-armed golems just smash the ground.

You should get multiple crystal shards from one Stone Golem, but if not, just find the next one and do it all again.

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