24 Feb 2021

Pokemon Crown Tundra: Peony Battle Guide - Best Pokemon To Use, Counters and More!

The Crown Tundra is now out on the Nintendo Switch.

Not only are players about to jump into a brand new storyline, but there are also all kinds of new and returning Pokemon up for catching.

There is only a massive amount of battles players can take apart in, and this is not even including the Galarian Star Tournament.

One of the main characters throughout the DLC is Peony.

He is how you are going to begin the Ultra Beast questline, along with more adventures waiting for you.

During the post-game, you will have the opportunity to battle Peony, and you may need some assistance.

Here are some tips we can offer!



When you are completing some of the legendary clues for Peony, he will engage in battle with you when you bring a certain one back.

This will occur in one of the caves so be prepared.

Peony and his team are around LVL 75 so come with your best Pokemon!



Peony uses a mixture of some of the strongest steel-type Pokemon from the series.

Most of his Pokemon have some sort of dual-typing so be prepared for that.

Peony uses the following Pokemon: 

  • Perrserker
  • Copperajah
  • Aggron
  • Bronzong
  • Scizor

So, five formidable steel-type Pokemon is what you are going to have to go up against!



There are various ways you can go about handling Peony, some of the best typings you can use for this battle are: 

  • Fire - Super effective against Bronzong, Copperajah, Perrseker, and X4 against Scizor
  • Ground - Super effective against Bronzong, Copperajah, Perrseker, and Aggron 
  • Water - Effective against Aggron
  • Fighting - Effective against all of Peony's team except for Scizor

By now, you probably have a wide array of Pokemon that you are using so this battle should not be a problem.

Best of luck!