24 Feb 2021

Pokemon Crown Tundra: How To Catch and Find Gible!

The Isle of Armor was an okay adventure in the eyes of Pokemon fans, but there is still a lot of room to improve.

With the recent trailer for The Crown Tundra, we believe this DLC will be the best yet!

There are some amazing Pokemon making a return this time around, along with powerful ones.

One of these powerful Pokemon is the Garchomp evolution line, and it all begins with Gible.

Here's how to find and catch Gible!


Version Exclusive

Unfortunately, Gible is going to be one of the Pokemon within the Crown Tundra that is version exclusive.

Gible can only be found in Pokemon Shield, so if you own Pokemon Sword; you will not be able to obtain Gible unless you have a friend willing to trade one!



Now, if you do own Pokemon Shield and are looking to catch this strong Pokemon it is quite simple to find.

Unlike some of the legendary Pokemon that have returned this time around, Gible has no special circumstances to obtain it.

KingColpa posted a great video detailing where to find Gible.

According to them, you are going to head to the north point of the map. More specifically the location is called 'Tunnel To The Top'.

From there you are going to want to head into the tunnel, and this is where you are going to find Gible.

Gible will spawn in the overworld, meaning it will not spawn as an encounter within the grass.

Instead, you will spot it in the open randomly and will have to run into it in order to begin the battle.

Gible eventually evolves into Garchomp, one of the strongest Pokemon in the entire series.

So it is definitely worth the excursion out to find one!