24 Feb 2021

How To Change Black Ops Cold War Background Music

Treyarch has released a flurry of information in the leadup to the game's release, including news on the new seasonal prestige system.

As Black Ops Cold War will be coming at the end of this week.

The game will be releasing on the brand new next-generation consoles as well, which will be exciting for players.

We cannot wait and see which game modes players are going to jump into.

Before the release of the game, there is some vital information you may need to know.

Including how to change the background music within the game.

Here's how! 


Old Music

CODColdWarNewz posted a video on Twitter over the weekend which claims to explain how to change the background music in Cold War.

According to the tweet, players will be able to change to the old Call of Duty background music. 

As well, they note you can listen to the zombie's music throughout the regular menus. 

The video does not actually note how to change the music.

But instead showcases the ample amount of choices you will have when the game releases.

We assume this will simply be a setting within the Black Ops Cold War menu.

This is a rather interesting feature that they have decided to implement this year.

We have never had the choice to change the background music, instead, we are usually stuck with one or two tunes all year.

But, we also cannot wait to see all of the choices we will have access to.

Perhaps some music from classic Call of Duty titles will be there!