FIFA 21 What If Promo LIVE: What If Team 2, Predictions, Release Date, Countdown, SBC, Objectives, Card Designs, Loading Screen And Everything You Need To Know

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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team's latest promo is What If? It is now live on all platforms!

While we were expecting Winter Refresh, it looks like EA has decided to skip it altogether!


In what seems to be a new concept for FUT 21, this promo is set to deliver something fresh to FUT, with many rumours suggesting that this could be another promo with ties to real-world football, with upgradeable cards depending on real-world footballing statistics and objectives.

While there’s still plenty to be revealed surrounding the event, here’s all the latest news, our predictions, card designs and all the content that you can expect to see arriving in What If?

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Latest News

Team 1- 25th February

What Is The “What If?” Promo

The promotion dubbed “What If” is certainly a new one for FUT, but it looks to be a very good concept according to the rumour mills!


This event appears to centered yet again around real world football and will allow players to upgrade if they meet certain criteria or hit certain objectives in their real-world footballing careers.

Players will start with an upgraded “What If” base card, and then will receive an upgraded card should they meet their “What If” objective.

What if _____ player scores in each of their next 3 games? What if _______ keeps a clean sheet in their next 2 league games?

The possibilities are endless here, and it would appear we’re in for a very engaging, exciting new promo!

“What If?”Release Date

The “What If” promo has been confirmed for this Friday, February 26th, as shown with the new loading screen in FUT 21.

We’re expecting this to be a 2 week promotion, taking us through until Friday, March 12th, where we may see a Carniball promo or an early FUT Birthday event.


“What If?” Card Design

The “What If” card design has been announced via the FUT loading screen, and it looks very interesting indeed.

With 2 card designs, it would support the idea that these cards can be upgraded, as shown with the arrow at the top of the card.

This would suggest that the card on the left is the base item that players will receive at the start of the event, with the version on the right being the upgraded version of the card if they achieve the required objectives for an upgrade.

Other Expected “What If” Content

Alongside the squads of packable players, What If will feature plenty of other types of content to enjoy, including:

  • What If & Other Player SBCs
  • New Icon Moments Cards
  • New Icon SBCs
  • Upgrade & Pack SBCs
  • Player Objectives
  • Promo Packs

What If & Other Player SBCs

Expect to see player SBC content for both What If promo cards but also Flashback and Player Moments items.

New Icon Moments Cards

Given that we’ve had a staggered release of Prime Icon Moments items so far in FUT 21, expect to see a 2nd batch of cards dropped during this event.

EA have to release all Prime Icon Moments cards by March 26th due to rewards available in Icon Swaps, so they should start arriving more throughout this event.


New Icon SBCs

Icon SBCs are in very short supply at the moment, with the final few available SBCs set to expire during this upcoming event. Expect some more Icon SBCs to be released so that we have some available.

Upgrade & Pack SBCs

Definitely expect upgrades to return for What If, with things like the 2x81+, 82-88, 83+ and 80+ Player Picks returning. 

What If Objectives

As is the case with all promotions, look out for objectives themed around What If, for both players, packs and other items.

Promo Packs


Promo Packs will also be a staple of the event, with lightning rounds at peak times around the release of the What If squads, and daily store refreshes of high-value packs.