24 Feb 2021

How To Fix The "Required Content" Error In Black Ops Cold War's Firebase Z

A new error has popped up with the arrival of the 1.11 update in Black Ops Cold War.

Players are now receiving an error message regarding "required content" when creating a private match with a PlayStation player.

This error seems to only be happening when attempting to play Firebase Z.

Treyarch is looking to fix this issue, but have also kindly given instructions to fix this problem.

Here's how to fix it!

How To Fix The "Required Content" Error In Black Ops Cold War

This issue seems to only occur when playing cross-platform and a PlayStation player is present.

If this occurs, use one of the following workarounds:

  • Play in a Public match
  • Elect a PlayStation player to be the party host
  • Have PlayStation players join your in-progress Private match

There have been no details on when this issue will be fixed properly, but hopefully, it will be sorted soon.

As players start to get to grips with the map, it will be difficult for players to achieve some of the objectives of the map (such as the Easter Egg that doesn't go live until tomorrow).