UFC 4 Patch Notes 4.0: Brock Lesnar, Askar Askarov and Jennifer Maia Join Roster, Plus Halloween Items

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EA has added a trio of new fighters to UFC 4 as part of the game's 4.0 patch.

Brock Lesnar of WWE fame (and former UFC heavyweight champion) joins the game's roster, as well as Askar Askarov and Jennifer Maia.


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UFC 4 Adds Brock Lesnar, Askar Askarov, and Jennifer Maia

Check out the trailer below:


Each of the new additions has a four-star ranking, making them capable of going toe-to-toe with any of the game's fighters.

Lesnar will be available in the store for free until October 29, and will then cost $2.50.

Askarov and Maia will be free additions, alongside costumes based on Werewolf, Zombie, Skeleton, Mummy, Clown, Jack-O-Lanterns and more for custom fighters.


UFC 4 Patch Notes 4.00

As per EA's blog:

Major Updates:

  • Added 2 new fighters Askar Askarov and Jennifer Maia
  • Added Premium fighter Brock Lesnar in the store.  Get him free from Oct 22nd, 2020 - Oct 29th, 2020. 
  • Added new items to Create a Fighter which includes new hairstyles and clothing items. Head Accessories: Werewolf, Zombie, Skeleton, Mummy, Clown, Jack-o'-lantern and more!
  • New Tops Geo: Werewolf, Zombie, and Onesies (Clown/Mechanic)
  • New Bottom Geo: Werewolf & Zombie.
  • New Top Textures: Animated Shirts featuring various Halloween inspired themes.
  • Hairstyles for CAF
  • All venues are now available in Online Invite, Tournament, and Event Modes.
  • Added Judges Scores to Fight Stats screen

Gameplay Updates

  • Ground Striking, Transition & Submission Animation Improvements
  • Mounted Triangle 
  • Mount Armbar Start Animation
  • Side Control Kimura vs Hip Out
  • Mount to Side Control Success Animation
  • Mount Underhook to Side Control Start 
  • Mount Pull-Down Animation 
  • Back Side UP Sub Get Up Denial 
  • Sub Get UP Start from Back Side Start
  • Bad Animation cleaned up in half guard flurry vs Block - 
  • Ground - Fixed an issue where the camera would stop tracking fighters in the ground game
  • Striking - Lead Spinning Kick Animation slowed down. 
  • Striking - Slowed down teep kick in combos
  • Striking - Enabled strikes in Arcade/Stand-Up modes that weren’t able to be used due to sharing the same button combination of initiating clinch. 
  • Striking - Tuned walking speed when engaging in striking to allow more time for counter punches.
  • Clinch - Fixed Body Hooks in Single Under against the cage. 
  • Takedowns - Tuned Stamina for Tower Takedown. 
  • Takedowns - Added additional scramble scenarios after takedown. 
  • Takedowns - Scrambles will now cost stamina for both fighters.
  • KO - Fixed a rare occurrence where knocking out an opponent at the end of the round will continue into the next round instead of ending it. 

Misc. Updates

  • Fixed an issue in Career where Created Fighter’s custom tattoos did not display in early cut scenes.
  • Updated likeness for Renato Moicano.
  • Updated likeness for Johnny Walker.
  • Fixed various clothing issues.