UFC 4: Closed Beta Changes And Updates

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There isn't a long time to wait for the release of EA's UFC 4.

The game is set to release in less than a week on August 14th.


EA have been using the recent closed beta to get the community's feedback on the title.

They have then used this feedback to make last-minute changes and perfect the UFC 4 experience.

Let's have a look at what's been changes in response to the closed beta.

Courtesy of EA

Closed Beta Patch Changes


  • Added training manual feature. Learn the controls and the meta behind submissions, striking, ground and pound, and the clinch. The training manual can be found under offline modes in main menu and game help in the pause menu
  • At launch UFC community tutorial videos will be added as well, these will cover deeper gameplay meta/strategy including ground game and submissions
  • Added skip functionality to pre-fight and post-fight emotes
  • Fixed an issue with lack of blood/damage when playing consecutive matches
  • Fixed issue causing notable ear deformation
  • Fixed facial animation issue affecting fighter likeness on fighter select screen and in fighter portraits
  • Tuned muscle definition on all fighter models
  • Fixed an issue with glove touch functionality 


  • Fixed animation issue with jab into jumping spinning body kick combo
  • Fixed an issue where jab feints were affecting takedowns
  • Improved responsiveness of combo inputs
  • Fixed issues with strikes not triggering if the input could also be used for a cage strike. For instance, fighters who had the cage superman punch could not perform the regular superman punch.
  • Fixed animation issues with spinning elbow
  • Fixed sprinting knee inputs


  • Added player indicators to the submission HUD to identify who’s attacking and defending
  • Takedown denial now taxes attacker’s stamina
  • Depleting health in side control now leads to knee on belly
  • Fixed an issue where grapple assist sometimes lead to additional inputs
  • Fixed dead frames on the transition to knee on belly

Ground And Pound

  • Added HUD during ground and pound to highlight available transitions and submissions
  • Added ground and pound transition from half guard up to full guard for the sub fighter
  • Increased stamina penalty for missed strikes during ground and pound
  • Tuning: lowered temporary damage for most positions
  • Tuning: reduced vulnerability when posting to straights
  • Tuning: increased permanent damage


  • Improved visibility of submission HUD options
  • Submissions have been tuned:Decreased movement penalty for the defender.
  • Decreased the effect of small stamina advantages.
  • Decreased submission strength for most submissions - the Back Flat Rear Naked Choke was the only exception. This was done in a way that increases the contrast between the stronger and the weaker submissions.


  • Sub fighter's strikes no longer interrupt cage power takedowns
  • Added single leg drive from knee catch position
  • High block no longer interrupts clinch cage takedowns
  • Cleaned up animations for knees in the catch teep kick position
  • Removed blocking of dominant fighter's body knees from single under cage. These are supposed to be countered with the wizer escape, pressing the left stick towards the opponent’s underhook, the opposite direction to the one used for the regular escape. 


  • AI can now defend cage single under body punches
  • Decreased the speed of harder AI response to submission prompts
  • AI submission skills have been tuned on various difficulties
  • Increased the AI’s ability to defend strikes in cage single under when hurt
  • Fixed an issue where the AI was unable to defend back pack position
  • Fixed an issue where the AI idles in cage back clinch
  • Added 30+ new custom AIs for roster fighters
  • Updated AI movement and cage awareness logic
  • Increased the effect of the opponent’s stats on AI gameplan


  • Camera adjusted during Imanari Roll

You can check out the official post here.