Twisted Metal TV Series Officially Confirmed at CES 2022

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After months of rumours, Sony finally confirmed that Twisted Metal's making a comeback, though perhaps not as you expected it. Announced by PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan during his CES 2022 keynote speech, a TV show's officially in the works.

Sadly, we didn't get any specific details about what the series will bring during this keynote, nor did we learn which part of Twisted Metal's story will be adapted, though the original game seems likely. Previous reports from Deadline suggested Captain America star Anthony Mackie has a starring role, though this presently remains unconfirmed.

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Twisted Metal TV Series Officially Confirmed at CES 2022

For the unfamiliar, Twisted Metal is a demolition derby game that initially launched for PS1 back in 1995, though we've not seen a new entry since 2012's "Twisted Metal" on PS3. Arming you with various weaponry, you'd enter an arena and fight it out with other opponents, quickly becoming a cult classic.


Elsewhere, we've seen reports that a new PS5 entry is supposedly being developed alongside this TV series, handled by Lucid of Destruction AllStars fame. That also remains unconfirmed, though we're hopeful for more details soon.