Twisted Metal Reboot Reportedly Under New Development

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Twisted Metal is one of those classic PlayStation licenses we barely see these days, with the last official installment coming out on the PS3. Fans were excited to hear about a reboot from the Destruction All-Stars developers Lucid Games, but a report from Video Games Chronicle says that the Twisted Metal reboot will no longer be handled by Lucid.

According to VGC, one of Sony's first-party studios in Europe is now in charge of the Twisted Metal reboot. The report didn’t say which company will be handling the game, though potential candidates include Returnal developer Housemarque.

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Twisted Metal Reboot Reportedly No Longer Being Handled by Lucid Games

The report also made no mention of why Lucid is no longer heading up development or what its next project is, though Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe speculated Destruction All-Stars' less than enthusiastic reception might have played a role.

The reboot coincides with the Twisted Metal television series announced in 2021, both of which will reportedly release in 2022. Either way, fans should take the news of this Twisted Metal reboot with a grain of salt, since Sony has yet to officially announce the title.

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