Is Total Warhammer 3 Coming To Google Stadia

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Sega's Total Warhammer 3 is slated for release later this 2021. The title is confirmed for PC and will be available on several digital stores for pre-order. However, will this title be a Google Stadia game anytime soon?

No News Yet

As of now, Google Stadia has not yet lined Total Warhammer 3 up as one of the games to be included in its library soon. We'll have to wait on Sega and Google's announcement if there will be any chances to play this upcoming real-time strategy title on this cloud gaming service.


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Pre-Orders Up

As of now, Total Warhammer 3 is only available for on PC through Steam and Epic Games Store if planning to own this game digitally. Even with the pre-orders available, players are still scratching their heads as Sega only has a release window for this title.

Total Warhammer 3 doesn't have a solid release date yet and only has a release window this 2021. The game is currently slated for release for late 2021. As for which day of the latter months of the year, we'll have to wait again for more announcements about this game.


Google Stadia Advantage

The Total War series is known not only for its real-time strategy gameplay but also commanding massive armies of troops into battle. Many gaming rigs may experience difficulty once both sides clash and start taking units off their enemy's hands. Playing this title on Google Stadia could be a boon as the service's servers will be the one handling brunt of processing every fight in this game.

If not for its strategic value, players can also enjoy the game at its lowest setting and just enjoy the view of clashing armies in Total Warhammer 3. Google Stadia can assure that no frame drops and other hardware issues will get in the way of enjoying all the fights set in the Warhammer universe for this Total War entry.

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