Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2: All Alien Plushie Locations And How To Unlock Secret Roswell Alien Skater

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2, the remastered pairing of the Birdman's first two virtual outings, is out now.

Players can unlock a special character, the Roswell Alien, by finding the Alien plushies in each level.

Here's how.

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THPS 1 + 2: How To Find The Alien Plushies

Here's where to find each plushie, separated by level.

You can't get these in Free Skate, so you'll have to move quickly to find them all.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater


As you head into the level down the big ramp, turn left and look above the ramp behind you.


This one is tough to spot but easy to grab. Drop to your right at the start of the level and it's tucked into a dark corner under the awning.


This Alien can be found near the coffee grind rail. Once you've nailed that gap, roll down the ramp and look on your right.

The Alien is next to a door with a "Parking" sign.


Head to the top of the judge's booth on this level, and you'll find it next to a steel beam.


Head to the rooftops via the vehicle transporter, and into the wooden bowl. It's on a triangular bit of the roof up there.

Downhill Jam

Rather than heading down the hill, simply turn around and look to your right.


Use a transfer (R2/RT) to get to the concrete supports at the highest point of the map. The Alien is chilling up there.


This plushie is on the roof of the store with the American flag.


Once you find the secret room, he's behind the door as you enter (it's the room with the flying saucer).

The Hangar

Another secret room, grind the helicopter blades to open it and then head outside to find it in a corner in the snow.

School 2

Go right at the start of a run, grind the lockers and then jump up. The Alien is in a recess on the awning.


This one is hidden inside the secret room. You'll need to wallride the boards next to a grass wall to break them, and then find the Alien in the room.

NY City

Underneath "Joey's Sculpture", look for a wooden quarter pipe. The plushie is behind it.

Venice Beach

The plushie is hiding behind the back of a quarter pipe in this level, accessible through a wooden boardwalk behind the concrete bowls.


Access the secret area using the hanging rail, and then head to the quarter pipe in the right-hand corner. Get some air and land on a ledge up there to snag the plushie.


Grind the telephone wires and then look behind the rickety-looking wooden half pipe with steps.

The Bullring


Below the spectator area, you'll find the plushie on the raised outer circle.

Chopper Drop

Look for the cutout in the steel halfpipe and you'll find the plushie next to it.

Skate Heaven

Once you've unlocked this level, you'll want to activate the volcano (grind the gap on the blue rail) and then jump into the volcano to head to a secret area.

Next to a wooden quarter pipe at the edge of the map, you'll find the final plushie.

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You can find it here.