TimeSplitters 4: Rumours, News, Development, And Everything We Know

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TimeSplitters remains a cult classic to this day. Developed by Free Radical Design, this trilogy of first-person shooters first released back in 2000 for the PS2, with TimeSplitters 2 and Future Perfect following in 2002 and 2005 respectively, Known for its stylish graphics and off-brand humour, fans have long hoped to see a fourth entry.

While that seemed like a pipedream for the longest time, Deep Silver's just confirmed a new entry is on the way, reviving Free Radical Design to achieve this goal. As such, here's everything we know about it so far.


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Latest News - June 2021

E3 2021 No Show

Deep Silver has confirmed that fans shouldn't anticipate any E3 reveals at E3 2021. Writing on Twitter the Publisher told fans:

Our parent company @KochMedia_HQ is making an announcement as part of #SummerGamesFest on June 11th. To give you a head’s up, you won’t see Dead Island, Saints Row, Metro or TimeSplitters there (or at any other E3 2021 event). We’ll let you know when we have news to share.

So that's that then. Oh well, roll on Gamescom 2021 later this year.


Free Radical Design Reforms

Free Radical Design is being reformed with plans to release a new TimeSplitters entry.

After years of speculation, Deep Silver finally confirmed that a new TimeSplitters game has entered development, reforming Free Radical Design with its original co-founders, Steve Ellis and David Doak. You can read more here.


While TimeSplitters 4 was reportedly in early development back in 2008 after releasing Haze, it got turned down by numerous publishers and eventually, Free Radical Design went into administration. However, the team was bought out by Crytek and became Crytek UK, who developed the Crysis sequels before facing a restructure.

As such, many staff members then left to join Dambuster Studios, releasing 2016's Homefront: The Revolution under Deep Silver. As a nod to their roots, Homefront included a TimeSplitters 2 easter egg, letting players go through two levels. However, programmer Matt Phillips confirmed last month that the entire game was hidden within at 4K resolution, which has since been accessed.

Back in August 2018, Koch Media and Deep Silver (all Embracer Group members) announced they'd acquired the rights to TimeSplitters, alongside Second Sight. Calling it "one of the most influential console games of the early 2000s", they revealed that "full details of future Timesplitters and Second Sight products will be revealed" in time.


In 2019, THQ Nordic - also an Embracer Group subsidiary - announced series co-creator Steve Ellis was joining the company, advising he would "help plot the future course for the TimeSplitters franchise.", with Dambuster Studios confirming Ellis had a team in place for it.

Free Radical Design's Long Overdue Reformation

Since then, things went quiet for a long time. Aside from the Homefront easter egg, official news was lacking until May 2021 when Deep Silver made a surprise announcement. Not only would Free Radical Design get reformed, they revealed plans to "bring the TimeSplitters franchise back to life", headed by Steve Ellis and FRD's other co-founder, David Doak.

Release Date

There's nothing confirmed presently, though development on this new entry hasn't actually begun yet. Chances are, this won't arrive for at least a few years.


Deep Silver's announcement didn't specify any particular platforms for this new game, so that remains unconfirmed too. However, we'd assume PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC are likely candidates.



There'd long been speculation that we could see a revival, though rumours often suggested older entries would get the remake/remaster treatment instead. While still operating, Crytek had given permission for fans to create TimeSplitters Rewind, a CryEngine 3 mod that'd become a "greatest hits" compilation for the series. However, eight years on, we still don't have a release date.

Notably, a reference to TimeSplitters 2 was included in THQ Nordic's "Fallen Gods" expansion SpellForce 3, where you could buy an item named "TimeSplitters 2 Remake". Though THQ denied there was anything more to it than a fun easter egg, the item's description stated ""It’s finally coming! The iconic shooter, which has stood the test of time to join the era of modern games."