Timberborn: How to Unlock Iron Teeth Faction

When playing Timberborn, players will find a second playable faction locked in the setup screen. This other group, the Iron Teeth, offers a different specialty than the standard Folktails.

Fortunately, unlocking this faction is simple and can be done at the easiest difficulty in the game. Here's what to do.

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How To Unlock Iron Teeth

As seen from the faction selection screen, hovering over the Iron Teeth shows the requirements to play them in a game. To unlock this faction, players must achieve level 8 Well-Being as the Folktails.

To get started, players should proceed into the game as the Folktails and make considerable progress.

Timberborn How To Unlock Iron Teeth
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Timberborn Iron Teeth Settlement

How To Reach Level 8 Well-Being On Folktails

Timberborn is a survival city builder, so players could lose all of their beaver workforce if they're not careful. Dead beavers don't count and stops all progress for district growth. This stagnant situation removes your chances of getting enough Well-being level for the unlock.

To reach level 8 without problems, pick Easy mode and keep improving/extending your districts. Easy mode assures that Droughts will be less harsh and Beavers live longer, even if they're low on food or water during the dry seasons.

Players should aim to play as Folktails until they start building metal structures. Around this point, players should be near Well-Being 8, providing you've made functional districts and Leisure buildings.

Iron Teeth Unique Structures and Specialties

Compared to the Folktails, the Iron Teeth's unique structures are more inclined towards using metal, storage functionality and better survivability in harsher environments. Their unique structures allow this faction to create functional districts in barren areas far from water, providing they can generate power without relying on Hydro power structures.

However, the Iron Teeth also has different ways of reproducing, only relying on Breeding Pods to add more Beavers. It's a double-edged feature but if you're aiming for a different way to play, getting the Iron Teeth faction is worth going for.

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