Timberborn: How To Farm Wood

Most buildings in Timberborn require wood to build. To progress further and make more buildings, you'll need to have a lot in stock.

Potentially, a lack of wood can put a city's growth to a complete stop if players run out of this resource. Here's what you need to know.

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How To Get Wood

To get started, players must locate trees and take their lumber for some wood. Trees are the sole wood source in Timberborn. Collecting wood and placing them in storage require players to send their beavers to collect it.

Initially, players should create Lumberjack flags and instruct their beavers to cut trees. Players also need to secure paths to trees, helping the beavers move more efficiently when gathering.

Why Farm Wood

Most structures require logs and planks, which can only be obtained from turning trees into Lumber. If players run out of wood, building structures and progressing becomes impossible.

An early goal in the game is creating a renewable wood source, which is possible through the Forester building. This structure can be connected to a Tree farm and generally allow players to get wood on command.

How To Make An Efficient Wood Farm

Players should attempt to get a Forester attached to 30 to 60 plots of trees. If achieved, players can continue replanting and cutting trees to keep getting wood. However, make sure your Forester is safe from floods and other disasters, they could destroy it in the future.

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