New Witcher 3 Quest Mod Adds the Untold Story of an Undead Fiend

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The Witcher 3 ends Orianna the philanthropist’s story on a vague note, but a new Witcher 3 quest mod called A Night to Remember from nikich340 brings Geralt and the vampire back together one last time.

Note this story contains spoilers for The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine expansion.

Geralt can choose to follow the duchess of Touissant’s sister, Syanna, or pursue the truth behind the city’s vampire problem in the Blood and Simple quest.

Choosing the latter takes Geralt to the local orphanage as he tries cleaning up the Garkain problem there.

He encounters something unexpected and horrifying, though.

Orianna, the orphanage’s proprietor, is a higher vampire and regularly feasts on the children there.

Geralt has no contract to destroy her, however, but he promises to return and deal with her later.

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New Witcher 3 Quest Mod Adds the Untold Story of an Undead Fiend

Except he doesn’t, at least, not in Blood and Wine itself.

Whether CD Projekt Red intended to revisit the story in a future Witcher game or not, nikich340 beat them to it with The Witcher 3 A Night to Remember quest.

Unlike other Witcher 3 quest mods, this one takes place in an existing location.

Geralt returns to the orphanage as promised and engages in a tense fight with Orianna.

The new Witcher 3 quest mod isn’t just about combat, though.

Nikich340’s quest mod includes new voice acting and writing, exclusive rewards, and some difficult choices to make.

You’ll need to finish the main scenario In Blood and Wine to unlock the quest mod.

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[Source: Nexusmods]

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