Netflix Releases Another Witcher Season 2 Trailer

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Having heard that a second season of The Witcher was on the way, we have been looking forward to more content. As of now, Netflix has been tight-lipped about the show. Another teaser has been released to show what may be in store for the next season.

The Witcher teaser was one of the most confusing I've seen. The Netflix Geeked account released a teaser with way too many cuts and not enough information between them. However, we are here to try and decipher the whole message.


The Witcher 2 trailer

There was no official announcement from Netflix's Geeked Week regarding Witcher Season 2's release date. Previously, we received a peculiar 12-second teaser video that focused on Ciri. It was difficult to make any conclusions from the images since they were coming so fast and furious.

This morning, Netflix released a 12-second teaser that seemed to focus on Geralt. Geralt stalks around some castle (most likely Kaer Morhen), followed by images mostly of knives, swords, and blades. Geralt draws his sword for an obvious threat, and a coin is tossed.


There's a person in chains, a dagger being thrust into something or someone, and a person being chained. We heard the words "are you ready," "salvation," and "run," along with several other Elder Speech Runes. However, internet detectives might work that out later.

Obviously, there was also a skeleton, as that is pretty much the bread and butter of the Witcher when it comes to killing monsters. It has not yet been revealed when Witcher Season 2 will debut, but we do know that Netflix has partnered with CD Projekt Red, the developer of The Witcher video games, to hold Witchercon on July 9.

Netflix promises it'll be "an epic online celebration of the franchise," which would also be a perfect time to launch a new season of the Witcher. I prefer something other than "soon" as a timescale for release. But that's just me.