The Forgotten City: How To Free Duli

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The Forgotten City. The prisoner (Duli) is inside his cell. A tablet can be seen to the left of Duli who is standng in the middle. There are steel bars across the front of the image.
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When you are exploring The Forgotten City, you may come across a prisoner that has been locked inside a steel cell. This is Duli. Duli is harmless enough but you will find out he was locked away as Sentius is concerned he will break the golden rule. Also, when you speak to him, he will mention that he has a key to "treasure". We're going to show you how to free Duli to get the key and the tablet in his cell.

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How To Free Duli

To free Duli, you will need to get Galerius elected as Magistrate. This is quite a long process so we've put together a guide that shows you how to get Galerius elected. You will have the option to speak to Sentius to ask him to free Duli, but he will refuse and give you several reasons why he decided to keep Duli locked away. If you listen to his reasoning it may sound cruel but here is a hint as to what will happen once Duli has been freed.

The Forgotten City. Duli (a bald man) is giving the key to the cistern over to the player. Duli is stood in the middle of the image with a soft smile on his face as he holds the key out towards the player.

If you still want to free him, Galerius will ask Horatius to release Duli once he has been elected. When he is out of his cell, speak to him briefly to get the key to the upper cisterns. When you have finished speaking to him you need to run into his cell and grab the tablet on the left. The reason you need to be quick about these two actions is that Duli will soon break the golden rule and you will need to make your way back to the portal

Actions and choices will have consequences in The Forgotten City. Sometimes the outcome of your choices will seem good but they will lead to the golden rule being broken. However, there are points where you have to break the golden rule to make progress. We have a guide that shows you how to stop the assassin, another quest where you must break the golden rule. Also, we have a guide that shows you how to get the treasure behind the golden statue by breaking the rule.