Tom Clancy’s The Division Breaks Launch Records

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So far, Tom Clancy’s The Division seems to have been worth the wait, as Ubisoft announce record breaking sales. 

In an official blog post, Ubisoft has revealed that the third-person shooter RPG has sold more copies in its first 24 hours than any other previous game in the company’s history. In addition to overall sales, digital sales for The Division have also set new records for single-day sales across all platforms.

It seems Ubisoft have taken their successful game seriously, as we’ve already witnessed hour long server maintenance within mere days after its initial launch. The maintenance period was to address a round of quick fixes, server stability improvements, and one problematic queuing issue many players faced at the very start of the game with the Agent Activation.


The Division is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Paid DLC content with the purchase of the season pass will start arriving in June.

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