The Division Microtransactions are live

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Ubisoft release first microtransactions for The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division officially launched yesterday, 8th March, and with the release of the highly anticipated open world third-person shooter, developer Ubisoft has released The Division’s first set of microtransactions. 

Currently, there a two packs available for purchase, both of which change the cosmetic appearance of your Division Agent. The first, a ‘U.S. Marines Outfit Pack’, contains “four unique camouflaged-patterned outfits” and allows you to "customise your agent like a US Marine".


The second, a ‘Military Specialists Outfit Pack’, features “four iconic military looks”; Delta Force, Pilot, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician and Sniper. Both packs are available for £3.99.

The launch of these two outfit packs are Ubisoft’s first steps towards their ‘Year One’ content plan, which will feature three major DLC add-ons and two significant updates. You can now purchase The Division’s Season Pass for £32.99. 

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