The Division 2 Is Getting an Endgame Mode Called Summit

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A year and a half after its release, Ubisoft Massive has announced a major new endgame activity for The Division 2.

The mode was revealed during a developer livestream on Wednesday.


Division 2’s Summit Mode

As reported by Kotaku, the new mode is called Summit, and it’ll have players clearing a 100-story building.

“Summit brings players to the ground floor of a skyscraper and challenges them to clear floors while playing solo or in a group,” Kotaku explains.

“Floor layouts and the enemy challenges therein are randomly arranged each time people play, with boss battles guaranteed every 10th floor. The goal is to reach the 100th floor, though players can start new runs one floor above any boss level they’ve cleared.”


The Division 2 got a warm reception upon release in February of last year, and released a large Warlords of New Expansion in March, but, arguably, it’s lacked a reason for more hardcore players to really invest their time.

Summit will probably arrive sometime in the next few weeks.