The Ascent's PC Game Pass Edition Is Being Fixed

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We had great things to say about The Ascent last week. Praising its "interconnected world, world-building, and exciting combat", we awarded it 4.5/5 but if you've been playing it through a PC, it may not be delivering what you expected.

Upon release, The Ascent's Game Pass edition was discovered to be missing features present in the Steam release, notably ray-tracing, DLSS and even longer load times. However, developer Neon Giant confirmed they've got plans to fix that, confirming they're "working on bringing them up to parity."

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The Ascent's PC Game Pass Edition Is Being Fixed

Replying to a disappointed PC player on Twitter, you can see the conversation below, though we've currently got no timeframe on when that's likely to be fixed. It's unclear why the Game Pass version is suffering with these issues, though at least we know they're being looked into.


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