The Ascent: How to Unlock ICE 2 Doors

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In The Ascent you'll slowly build up your Cyber augments and tools. Doing so will allow you to unlock new areas by hacking locked doors. During your travels you may come across locked ICE 2 doors, which are usually hiding great loot. In this guide we'll explain how to open them by upgrading your Cyberdeck. Let's take a look.

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The Ascent: How to Unlock ICE 2 Doors

To unlock the ICE 2 doors in The Ascent you will need to upgrade your Cyberdeck. Doing so will eventually give you ICE 2 hacking access, meaning you can hold Y to open them. If you aren't sure about how upgrading your Cyberdeck works, there are a finite amount of upgrades hidden around the world. The first one that you absolutely cannot miss is in Coder's Cove in the Blacklake Towers area, which you'll head to in the first few hours. Look for yellow pickups and collect them to upgrade your Cyberdeck. Find enough of these and you'll be able to open locked doors!

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That's how to open locked ICE doors in The Ascent. We'll be writing a piece on the Cyberdeck upgrade locations shortly. Until then, read about how saving works. Once you're done there, check out how Crossplay works.