Is The Ascent Free-To-Play?

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The Ascent looks like a really solid action RPG, thanks to that luscious futuristic setting and some of that Diablo-like combat, so it’s easy to see why gamers can’t wait for that July 29 release date.

While fans ponder on the game’s quality and if it will be better than Cyberpunk 2077, there is a small section of players who are wondering if we’ll see The Ascent have a free-to-play module.


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Is The Ascent Free-To-Play?

Unfortunately, unless you have the Xbox Game Pass, which is already a paid service, The Ascent will be a game you have to pay for with money so those hoping to download it for free are out of luck.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to download and play the game on day one without having to pay extra so that’s the closest The Ascent will ever get to becoming a free-to-play game unless it ends up bombing in sales.


Admittedly, multiplayer is a big part of The Ascent so we wouldn’t be surprised if we end up getting some free weekends like other games that have online play.

If we do get some free weekends for The Ascent, that will be the closest this action RPG will get to becoming a free-to-play game but anything else just isn’t in the cards.

Hopefully, The Ascent ends up becoming special and will lead to the game getting a ton of sales, which will remove the need for it to become free-to-play.

Plus, action RPGs just aren’t that great if they are packed to the brim with loot boxes, like most, if not all, free-to-play games.

The Ascent is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on July 29.