Is The Ascent Coming To GeForce NOW?

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The Ascent has a lot going for it, being an isometric action RPG with the dual-stick shooting people love from games like Helldivers and a setting reminiscent of Cyberpunk 2077, so you can see why it has people talking.

It also helps that The Ascent is an Xbox exclusive, only coming to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X console-wise, though a PC version for the game has already been confirmed, albeit through the Windows Store and not Steam, not yet anyway.


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Is The Ascent Coming To GeForce Now?

Naturally, since The Ascent is on PC, there are a number of fans who are hoping to see the game on GeForce NOW since it’s a service that provides a good number of games.

Since The Ascent is a four-player isometric action RPG one would think that it would be perfect for GeForce NOW since the service is already home to a number of multiplayer games.


Right now, The Ascent is not confirmed for GeForce NOW and unless an announcement is made, this will likely be exclusive to the Microsoft Store, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

While we won’t be seeing The Ascent on GeForce NOW anytime soon, the game is coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one so if you’re already subscribing to that you won’t have to pay extra.

That option aside, don’t expect to see The Ascent in other subscription-based game services anytime soon since Microsoft really wants people to invest in the Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

The Ascent is scheduled for a July 29 release on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.