The Ascent Earns $5 Million In Sales On Its First Weekend

Initially set to launch with the Xbox Series X|S, the cyberpunk RPG, The Ascent was released last week. Highlighting its "interconnected world, world-building, and exciting combat", we awarded The Ascent an impressive 4.5 out of 5.

And it seems like these accolades go hand-in-hand with the game's success, as the twin-sticked shooter has experienced an impressive launch.

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The Ascent Earns $5 Million In Sales On Its First Weekend

The game's publisher, Curve Digital released a statement announcing that The Ascent has generated $5 million in sales across both Xbox and PC platforms.

Developed by Neon Giant and a total of just 12 individuals, the RPG also topped the Global Steam charts:

Curve achieved its largest ever opening weekend sales revenue this weekend, generating more than $5million and securing the Number 1 slot in the Steam Global Charts for Neon Giant’s The Ascent, firmly positioning the Indie title as a AAA competitor.

The Ascent has also ascended to the top of many streaming lists as well:

Over 1700 YouTube and Twitch channels have streamed gameplay with over 10m generated views, and 90% of global Tier One publications have covered the cyberpunk themed action roleplaying game which is the first title from Swedish Indie Neon Giant. This has put The Ascent in the Top 10 for PR coverage received on a single day in 2021, on par with and above AAA titles.

Following its launch on Xbox's Game Pass, problems revolving around The Ascent's co-op multiplayer mode in the PC version have been acknowledged, with the team working on fixes.

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