Tekken Online Challenge announced by Bandai Namco

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Fans have wondered what's next for Tekken 7 since the release of Lidia Sobieska almost two months ago. Earlier last week, Bandai Namco teased an announcement about Tekken on Twitter, teasing the arrival of an announcement today. It has been speculated that this was meant to be a new Tekken Tag Tournament.

The Bandai Namco eSports Twitter account started posting "3" clips on Wednesday, May 19. Since all of the clips were from last tournament events, fans thought that it was most likely that the publisher will announce the next season of the Tekken World Tour. Yet, the day has come, and Bandai Namco has announced an Online Challenge Season.

What is the Tekken Online Challenge Season?

Tekken Online Challenge 2021 has been officially announced by Bandai Namco, yet not many outside of this game's fans would know what it is. It's a form of an online tournament/competition, basically. As of June 1, this will be the official Tekken competition for 2021. Bandai Namco will conduct the event online across 14 different regions.

Bandai Namco will work with independent competition organizers across the tournament series, enabling them to apply to become an "Online Dojo." The company can grant these points based on specific metrics. Bandai Namco and digital media company ten/o will jointly organize the primary set of the Tekken Online Challenge events, called Master Events. We will know more about the online dojo as time goes on.

A total of 14 Online Master events and 14 Regional Final events will be conducted across North America, Central America, South America, West Europe, Eastern Europe, West Africa, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, East Asia, South Korea, and Japan. Because of the current Pandemic, Bandai Namco has stated that these Master and Regional events could be held online or offline, depending on the area's health guidelines.


In addition, Tekken 7 will soon get a new update, which will include more character cosmetics and balance adjustments. This is what many on Twitter were hoping to hear as well.

Visit the Bandai Namco website for more information about regional tournaments and registration. We will keep an eye on this event and see how it plays out to keep you all updated.

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