Will Razer Make A PS5 Controller? Here's What We Could Expect

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Will Razer make a PS5 controller? It's a question that pops up in our minds often, especially after the recent reveal from SCUF gaming...

Razer has a hand in practically every gaming accessory you could think of, plus some interesting and unique takes on some non-gaming accessories too (Razer re-useable straw anyone?)

But when it comes to PS5 controllers, gamers are screaming out for more options, especially since there are so many to be had for the PS4.

So will they go for it? And if they do, what can we expect to see? Here's what think...

Will Razer Make A PS5 Controller?

We think they absolutely will, but there's no official announcement on it just yet.

As for when exactly we can expect it, we'd say that 2022 is our best bet, but whether they decide to release it earlier in the year or not is still a mystery.

Typically, the earlier months of the year can be a little quiet for purchases, especially since many will be recovering from the mega Black Friday sales and the festive season, but we imagine the race is on, more so considering that Scuf is planning on releasing their remaining line of PS5 Reflex controllers in 2022 also.

What Could The Razer PS5 Controller Look Like?

At this point, we can only base our predictions based on what's out there and what's come before, so what type of features are currently out there on the market?

The Razer Raiju is one of the latest PS4 compatible gamepads, which packs tactile action buttons, interchangeable parts, a quick control panel and RGB chroma lighting.

It also has a hair-trigger mode, designed to reduce the distance when pulling, which can shave off valuable milliseconds.

That being said the Scuf Reflex Pro doesn't have a hair-trigger mode, but rather uses adaptive triggers to simulate different scenarios in-game.

The Reflex FPS does include a hair-trigger mode and loses the rumble units for a more lightweight design.

So with this in mind, what could we expect to see?

Scuf gaming controller
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Credit: SCUF Gaming
WILL THEY OR WON'T THEY: Razer could have an entirely new take on the classic DualSense

Well, back paddles for starters should be high up on the priority list, especially with more gamers than ever using them to get the edge in games that require lightning fast reflexes.

We'd expect button mapping as standard, of course, alongside an ergonomic design that may, or may not, stay true to the original DualSense. We'd like to think that with Razer's track record, they'll opt for something more unique to their own style.

When it comes to the triggers, we think they may keep the hair-trigger mode and tailor this gamepad more towards first-person shooters, especially as the genre has exploded in mainstream popularity.

As for weight, if they do this they could keep the pad under 300g, especially if they ditch the rumble units entirely.

They may include Razer Chroma lighting, which isn't a must-have for PS5 but could expand its appeal into the PC market. We'd like to see it, but it's not too high on the list of must-haves.

How Much Could A Razer PS5 Controller Cost?

When it comes to price, Razer tends to offer a broad range for practically every budget. That being said, their controllers can tip the scales at upwards of $200.

The Scuf Reflex Pro, the middle option out of the range, is listed at £219.99, but we're expecting Razer's PS5 controller to come in at less.

We'd expect to see anything from $180 - $200 for the new controller, keeping in mind that it's likely to be super high-end.

Opinion: Will It Be Worth The Wait?

The market for PS5 controllers is slim at the moment, and even with the SCUF Refelx line finally arriving, many gamers will still be waiting for more options.


Most pro controllers do practically the same thing. They allow for customisation, have paddles, and are usually coated in various materials to keep them from slipping out of your hands.

We think that it comes down to the brand itself, and brand loyalty.

Razer have developed an aesthetic that's now recognisable worldwide and has legions of fans who buy into anything and everything Razer. We'd imagine that for those die-hard fans, it'll absolutely be worth the wait.

For those not loyal to the brand and keen to get that custom experience, it looks like SCUF will have them covered for now...that is, if you can get your hands on one.

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