Should I Wait For The MacBook Pro 2022? Here's What We Think

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Should I wait for the Macbook Pro 2022? If you're currently eying up a new laptop you've likely asked yourself the same question...

And we wouldn't blame you. MacBooks are pretty much seen as one of the gold standards when it comes to productivity, creativity, and everyday usage.


When it comes to Apple, they're constantly improving their products, so it's a given that the MacBook Pro 2022 will set the bar even higher than before.

But is it worth holding out for? Here's what we think...

How Long Will The Wait Be?

As with all things Apple, like the iPhone SE 3, iPhone 14, and of course the iPad Air 5, the rumour mill is in full swing.

The latest news, via digitimes, suggests that the MacBook Pro 2022 could arrive as early as March.

There's no guarantee this is the case though, so at this stage it's tough to confirm just how long the wait will be...

MacBook Pro 2022 Rumoured Specs

So what are waiting for, exactly, in terms of power?

Well, it's predicted that the MacBook Pro 2022 could pack the long-awaited M2 chip, according to Mark Curman's report via macrumors, however, we'll have to see if this actually pans out.

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The original M1 chip boasted 2.8x faster performance and 5x faster graphics, all with a more power-efficient structure thanks to its design that combines numerous components into one chip.

The Macbook Pro 2022 isn't the only laptop rumoured to get the 'sequel' to the M1 either, as the MacBook Air 2022 is also tipped to include it.

If it were to go ahead with an 'M2' chip, we'd expect improved performance as a given, but what exactly that looks like over the previous iteration is yet to be seen.


MacBook Pro 2022 Design

Now we're not expecting huge changes with the MacBook Pro 2022, but we'd imagine we'll see smaller bezels this time around.

It's a trend that is being seen in everything from phones to the latest OLED TVs, case in point the LG C2 series looks like it's shaved a few mm off its bezels for this year.

There are rumours that the screen itself may lack a few features of the previous MacBook Pro 2021, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman via his newsletter.

Reportedly, the MacBook Pro 2022 may miss the ProMotion technology or mini-LEDs this time around. Mini-LEDs offer more brightness generally speaking, while ProMotion allows for VRR up to 120hz - something which works well with fast-paced gaming for instance.

There are a few other claims such as dropping the TouchBar, which we think is likely to go ahead considering it was removed from some of the 2021 MacBook Pros.

MacBook Pro 2022 Price Rumours

Just how much the MacBook Pro 2022 will set you back is still up in the air, but we're confident that it certainly won't be cheap.


The general consensus is that the MacBook Pro 2022 will be the new 'affordable' model in the series, so we're expecting it to be around the price of the last entry-level Pro, which is the M1 13-inch version from 2020.

That comes in at around £1200 / $1400 or so nowadays. Based on this, we'd think the new MacBook Pro could start at around $1500.

We'll know soon enough as to what Apple considers 'affordable' when they reveal more on their other entry, the iPhone SE 3, which is tipped to follow a similar 'latest chip with small concessions' model...

Opinion: Should I wait for the MacBook Pro 2022?

Now, this is a tricky one, as we still don't know how long the wait will be, but our gut feeling says we're in for something special here, especially if they go ahead with the rumoured M2 chip.

The current MacBook Pro options available are great, and if you're looking for a high-performance laptop you really can't go wrong with any of the MacBook Pros.

The MacBook Pro 13-inch 2020 model is still a powerhouse, and we'd expect the price to drop a little when the new MacBook Pro 2022 releases - so Black Friday could be the best time to grab one.

should i wait for macbook pro 2022
Credit: Apple
OLD FAVE: The 2020 model is still up there with the best

But two years (or nearly 3 if it releases later) is a long time in the world of tech, and while the machine will likely still hold up very well, you may find yourself wanting a refresh.


In most cases like this, if the next model is astronomically higher in price, it's often worthwhile to buy what's available right now and wait until it drops in the future.

But in the case of the MacBook Pro 2022, we could be looking at a fairly similarly priced laptop to the previous entry model, which makes the decision a little harder.

It's a close one...and it may be worth waiting until a price is revealed for the upcoming Pro before making the call.

We'll be back with you soon with everything we know about the MacBook Pro 2022 when we hear more!

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