Samsung Odyssey G8QNB: Everything we know so far

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The Samsung Odyssey G8QNB is yet another incredible monitor slated for release and marks the world's thinnest display to date and another potential contender for the best OLED gaming monitors of the year.

There's a lot more to be excited about too, as Samsung continues to wow us with their upcoming monitors which, in case you missed it, include the massive Samsung Odyssey Ark and the 'small but mighty' Samsung G8 Neo.


Don't forget about their TVs too, which pack QD-OLED displays and eye-watering brightness (that's a good thing).

The Samsung Odyssey G8QNB is certainly set to be a big hitter when it comes to both gaming and productivity, but when will get a release date?

Here's everything we know so far.

Samsung Odyssey G8QNB Release Date Speculation

According to a recent press release the Samsung Odyssey G8QNB will be released 'globally from Q4 2022.'

We're expecting this to be a seriously popular monitor, so when are pre-orders going live?

Well, there's nothing out there so far, but we'd expect to see them pop up around three weeks or so before the release date, so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

We've also got a load of new information around the monitor itself...and it looks like it won't disappoint.

Samsung Odyssey G8QNB Specs

The Samsung Odyssey G8QNB gaming monitor is a world's first, in the way that it packs Samsung's QD-OLED display.

This is the same kind of tech we're seeing across a new wave of QD-OLED TVs, like the Sony Bravia XR A95K, and boasts higher pixel brightness than ever before, plus the commonly associated deep blacks and incredible contrast.

On top of that, since it's a QD-OLED display you're now getting another world first - the world's slimmest monitor.


Coming in at just 5.9mm this monitor looks absolutely amazing and in true Odyssey style, looks to be another statement piece to anyone's setup.

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The screen is sized to 34" with a 1800R curve. Not bad for those who want a touch of immersion when gaming, but also want something which can double up for productivity too.

On the topic of gaming, you're getting a 175hz refresh rate with 0.1ms response time, which ticks the boxes for more reflex-based shooters, but for those wanting more, we'd say some of the best and upcoming 360hz monitors will have you covered.

Resolution is UWQHD, which is 3440 x 1440. Since PS5 doesn't support ultrawide officially, and the same goes for Xbox Series X, this monitor looks more for the PC gamers out there.

Interestingly, it's only VESA DisplayHDR 400, which isn't quite as punchy as some of the other monitors we've seen.

While this is still good, we'll have to see it in person first to get an idea of how it stands up to the likes of some of the best HDMI 2.1 monitors for instance, some of which have far higher Display HDR certifications.

Samsung Odyssey G8QNB Price Predictions

At the time of writing, the price is still a mystery, however, we're expecting a hefty price tag. How much do we think? We think this may tip the scales at anywhere between $1800 - $2400 based on the fact that it packs a QD-OLED display and is a world-first too.

That being said the Alienware QD-OLED monitor is only coming in at $ we may be in for a surprise when we hear more.

It will be interesting to see what people gravitate towards with the Samsung Odyssey G8 Neo on the way too. Both look to pack a punch in their own ways, so we're looking forward to seeing how they compare closer to release.

We'll be back with you as soon as we hear more on the Samsung Odyssey G8QNB, so stay tuned.

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