Did This Technical Diagram Just Show Us The PSVR 2?

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Move aside Oculus Quest 3 and Project Cambria, as the latest sighting for the upcoming PSVR 2 may have just been spotted off the coast of...Twitter?

It seems that the leaks are starting to pour in as of late, however, the focus seems to have been pinned on to anything and everything Oculus, especially after possible tutorial videos and CAD designs made an appearance ahead of Facebook Connect.


But with this recent spot, we may well have got our first proper look at the PSVR 2, or at least, one of the options Sony could go for...

PSVR 2 Technical Diagram Revealed?

DistritoXR spotted back in October that there was a new hardware patent from Sony, or at least it appeared to be.

The patent shows a head-mounted display alongside an image that looks, well, very much like a VR headset in our eyes.


While this hasn't been confirmed as of yet, we do know that Sony plans on bringing out another VR headset in the future, thanks to an announcement on their blog back in February 2020.

So if we connect the dots and throw in a little assumption, we could well be looking at PSVR 2.

The technical diagram shows off an impressively streamlined design, which looks pretty awesome in our humble opinion and is a far cry away from the likes of the Oculus Quest 2.


Asides from that we don't really get any insight from this diagram as to the burning questions surrounding the world of VR and AR.

What resolution will the PSVR be? What type of lenses will it have? Are we looking at something that will be backwards compatible?

So many questions, so few answers...at least for now.

We'll keep you posted with all the latest on PSVR 2 as it comes in, so be sure to check back in with us soon.

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