Motorola Could Be Launching A NEW Gaming Phone: Here's What We Know

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With the swathes of leaks that have surrounded both the Google Pixel 6 and the yet-to-be-released Samsung Galaxy S22, it seems that any new info for upcoming phones looks to be absolute gold.

Well, it now looks like Motorola is gearing up to release its latest handset, and it looks like big things could be on the horizon.

A recent Weibo post from Lenovo's general manager (who own Motorola) discussed the upcoming Moto Edge X, with reference to it as a "savior gaming phone'.

Whilst some of this phrase may have been lost in Google Chrome's translation of the Weibo post into English, in short, it looks like the Moto Edge X could be a gaming phone.

To back this up, the translated post also refers to the Edge X as being 'infinitely powerful and full of expectations', suggesting that it'll also pack a fair bit of power, which could make it quite the capable gaming phone.

What Are The Moto Edge X's Specs?

It's on the front of specs where things get quite interesting. The Moto Edge X looks to be a higher-end model of a currently available Motorola phone, the Edge S, otherwise known as the G100.

A TechnikNews leak referred to its superior as the Moto G200, which is now purported to be the Moto Edge X, following the Weibo announcement.

The leaked spec sheet indicates the Moto Edge X could offer up a Snapdragon 888 processor and 8GB of RAM, which would put it alongside some of the best phones available. A refresh rate of 144Hz has also been suggested, which would corroborate with this being a gaming phone.

For cameras, it looks like the Edge X may opt for a triple camera with a primary 108MP sensor from Samsung that was utilised in the Edge 20 Pro previously. Alongside this comes a 13MP ultrawide camera that also features a macro sensor, and the third camera is a depth sensor.

When Will The Moto Edge X Be Released?

As this is a very early teaser-style announcement, it's therefore understandable that there has been no concrete date provided for the launch of the Moto Edge X.

Lenovo's general manager's Weibo post only refers to a 'Countdown...' teaser, which gives us little information, but searching for news on the G200 as opposed to the Edge X reveals a possible window.

That same TechnikNews leak indicates a release in 'November 2021', which would corroborate with the current announcement, but other than that, details are pretty scant. As and when we hear more news, we'll be sure to let you know.

Analysis - Do Motorola Have A Winner On Their Hands?

Everything discussed here sits well for the Moto Edge X to be a successful gaming phone, considering it is offering up a beefy spec sheet that's backed by a good refresh rate and decent RAM quantity.

The only thing that seems a little strange is that the Edge X may be utilising a Snapdragon 888 processor. Whilst this is currently plenty powerful, as the launch of the Snapdragon 898 is supposedly on 30th November as per GSMArena, it may make more sense to include that SoC.

Moreover, Motorola, alongside Xiaomi, has been one of the first brands alleged to release a phone with the upcoming Qualcomm chipset within it. If the Lenovo-owned brand wants to gain even more recognition, then putting the 898 into a flagship gaming handset would be brilliant.

What also seems quite strange on the front of cameras is that the Edge X looks to have downgraded the setup from the lower-end Edge S. That phone utilises a quad rear camera setup with a double front camera, whilst the Edge X looks to offer a triple rear camera and single front.

This suggests that whilst the Edge X (or G200) may have uprated internals in comparison to the Edge S (or G100), that Motorola has toned down the number of cameras in order to position their flagship handset as a bonafide gaming phone, as opposed to more of an all-round choice.

Nonetheless, if the Moto Edge X is what the leaks say it's going to be, then Motorola may just have a brilliant phone on their hands.

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