When Is The HP Omen 27u Gaming Monitor Release Date? Specs, Price, And Everything We Know

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The Hp Omen 27u could be one of the best HDMI 2.1 monitors to date, and we're very much looking forward to its release.

The Omen series has had some big hitters in the past, both from a performance and design perspective, so we're keen to see how this recently announced entry matches up.

Here's everything you need to know about the monitor, and why it could end up being your main display for both console and PC.

When is the HP Omen 27u Release Date?

It looks like the HP Omen 27u is 'coming soon' according to the website, but just how soon are we talking here?

We've seen some reports claiming that it may be Spring, but without an official word, we'll have to sit tight for now.

We'd like to hope that we will see it sooner rather than later, and a Spring release date doesn't seem too farfetched, especially as other monitors announced at CES 2022 are tipped to head our way as early as March.

We'll update this section as soon as we hear more!

HP Omen 27u Gaming Monitor Specs

Hp 27u gaming monitor release date
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Credit: HP
Size: 27 inches | Resolution: 4K | Refresh Rate: 144hz | Response Time: 1ms | Brightness: 450 nits | Ports: HDMI 2.1, DP 1.4, USB-A, USB-C | RGB: Yes | Features: AMD FreeSync Premium Pro | Colour: 95% DCI P3

As you can see, there's a lot to be excited about here.

First off, the 4K/144hz combo is a welcome addition to the Omen line and one that both PC and console gamers are going to love.

We'd say that this is even teeing up to become one of the best monitors for PS5 or best monitors for Xbox Series X.

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AMD FreeSync Premium Pro is a nice touch too, which should help to prevent any screen tearing and make the most out of the 144hz refresh rate.

You're also getting DisplayHDR 450, which means that you can expect some deep blacks, bright crisp whites, and a wide array of vibrant colours too.

That's around the same level as the popular Asus Tuf Gaming HDMI 2.1 monitor for comparison.

What We Like

We think the design is amazing. Notice the small base to the monitor, designed to pre-up some valuable desk real-estate.

It also does away with the back panel curve that you see on many of the gaming monitors available today. Rather than opt for a sort of semi-circle back panel, HP has made the monitor one sleek rectangular box.

This looks incredible and gives the monitor a super modern, almost minimal look.

RGB features here too, in the form of another geometric shape on the back panel that houses the customisable lighting.

Hp omen 27u gaming monitor release date
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Credit: HP

Overall, we think this monitor is going to be a big hit for those looking for something to do it all.

It's an epic productivity monitor, console-gaming monitor, and PC monitor all in one, and by the looks of it...it's even affordable too.

HP Omen 27u Gaming Monitor Price

Reportedly, this monitor has an MSRP of $699.99, which if true would make it one of the more affordable HMDI 2.1 gaming monitors on the market.


For what you're getting for the price, it looks like the perfect package!

We'll be back with you soon when we know more, so stay tuned.

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