How To Clean A Gaming Mouse Pad: Easy To Follow Steps

If you're interested in how to properly clean your gaming mouse pad, we're here to help.

While many of the best gaming mice feature incredibly accurate tracking, if you're using a dirty mouse pad, the performance of your mouse may suffer.

Even cleaning your mouse sensor can become somewhat redundant if the surface you use it on is not squeaky clean.

Not only this, but a mouse pad can become a breeding ground for bacteria and so regularly cleaning it, alongside your other gaming peripherals, can be good practice.

Here's your complete guide to how to clean all types of gaming mousepads, from RGB to fabric, and more, so you can keep your setup in tip-top condition.

How To Clean A Gaming Mouse Pad

How to clean a fabric gaming mouse pad

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Credit: Roccat

Step 1: First off, in order to complete this process, you will need some regular dish soap, a brush and a towel.

Then, you will need to fill up a large basin with warm water, usually a sink or bath.

Step 2: Next, fully submerge your fabric gaming mouse pad into the body of warm water, allowing it to properly soak.

Step 3: Then, pour a small amount of regular dish soap onto the mouse pad. Using the brush, scrub the mouse pad thoroughly and remove stains, grease and other debris.

Step 4: After this, rinse the mouse pad thoroughly, removing all of the soap.

Once rinsed, place the mouse pad on the towel and leave it to dry. Once thoroughly dried, your mouse pad should be ready for gaming once again.

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How to clean an RGB gaming mousepad

Cleaning an RGB gaming mousepad can be a little trickier, but here's how to do it.

How to clean a gaming mousepad
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Credit: Razer
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Step 1: Perhaps the most important and safe step is to unplug your RGB mousepad. Like with anything with a power source, always ensure it is unplugged before cleaning with liquids.

Step 2: Apply some warm water mixed with a small amount of dish soap to a microfiber cloth. Wring it out to avoid making a mess!

Step 3: Targeting only the mousepad area and avoiding the areas which house the electronics, gently scrub the pad to remove any dirt.

Step 4: With a rinsed and clean microfiber cloth, return back to the mouse pad to remove any excess soap.

Step 5: Leave to dry wet-side up. This should take roughly 2 - 3 hours.

How to clean a plastic or rubber mousepad

Cleaning a plastic or rubber mousepad is probably the easiest thing to do, thanks to the material being essentially waterproof.

Step 1: Select your cleaning product. We'd say a safe bet is some warm water and dish soap.

Step 2: Clean the pad with a microfiber cloth, returning to it to remove any excess soap.

Step 3: Leave to dry, and then you're good to go.

How often should you clean your mousepad?

We'd say you'd want to clean your mousepad once every month or two, depending on how much you use it.

For those who are gaming competitively, we'd say it's worth staying on top of as you'll likely find dirt builds up due to the more active nature of it all.

The same goes for your mouse too. It's worth giving your gaming mouse a clean every month or so, as it can really build up fast if used often.

Ultimately, keeping everything clean should also optimise your setup, so it's well worth it!

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