Are Gaming Chairs Worth It? Here's What We Think

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Are gaming chairs worth it? Many of us have considered going all-in on one of the best gaming chairs available today, but there's a lot more to factor in than you'd think.

The gap between ergonomic office chairs and more traditional gaming chairs is starting to close, with brands like IKEA and Herman Miller entering the gaming scene too.


But what actually defines a gaming chair? Is it just looks, or is there something more to it?

Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

If you're weighing up whether to go for a gaming chair or not, here are a few things you'll want to consider first.

Their design is for more than just gaming

Gaming chairs are distinctive in design, that's for sure. If you've ever looked at offerings from the likes of SecretLab, AndaSeat, or Razer, you'll see that there are almost infinite ways to express your interests and personal style.

From Marvel-inspired gaming seats like the to some of Razer's iconic pink additions, there's something for everyone.

are gaming chairs worth it
Credit: Razer
FINE DETAILS: Gaming chairs boast some impressive unique design options

And where better to show this off than when streaming? Nowadays, with more people streaming than ever, having a gaming chair that you can see on camera is all the more important to creating a strong visual brand for your content.

We'd even argue it's one of the most important accessories for streamers out there.

They boast impressive adjustability

Some of the best gaming chairs are arguably on par with the top ergonomic seats thanks to their high level of adjustability.

Full reclining options are fairly commonplace, which allows you to sit back and watch movies at your desk, or even take a quick power nap.

Some seats even have a small leg rest built-in, like this one from DowinX, which make them even more comfortable.

The adjustability also extends to the armrests, which usually boast '4D' movement.


This means that you can find the optimal position based on your build and preferences.

They accommodating for wider builds

What you'll find with some gaming seats is that there are variations designed to be comfortable for those who are broader than average.

Secretlab has chairs like the GT Racing Ace which can accommodate both big and tall gamers, which is great.

It also goes without saying that many of the gaming chairs out there are solid as a rock and built with durability in mind, from both the covering material to the actual construction of the chair itself.

Win, win.

They're not 'that' expensive

When it comes to ergonomic chairs, the word 'investment' is thrown around a lot. Some of the top ergonomic chairs have lifetime guarantees and can tip the scales at well over $3000, but they are worth it in many ways.


That being said, gaming chairs usually fall around the $200 - $500 mark and offer many of the same benefits too, plus some added features for power naps as we mentioned earlier.

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Black Friday is a good chance to get a great deal on gaming chairs if you're looking, but we often see some of the bigger brands offer discounts throughout the year too.

Either way, to get something that fully reclines, is heavy-duty, looks the part, and will stand out when streaming, you don't necessarily have to spend the world.

They're great for racing games

If you've massively into racing games, like our friends at are, then a gaming chair is a good way to go, especially if you don't fancy getting a whole separate rig.

Their bucket seat design is a close match to the seats you'll find in racing cars, so they can add a nice level of immersion to your gaming experience.


On top of that, they're great to double up as the main office chair too, saving you some room in the process.

So are gaming chairs worth it?

We'd say absolutely. One of the big factors here is what you're getting for the price.

For under $500, you've got something that will look great on camera, be incredibly comfortable for long gaming (and work) sessions, is built to last, and even something to sit back and relax in for time off.

The sheer variety in style is also great and allows you to showcase your own individuality - a must-have for both streaming and creating your ultimate setup.

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