AOC's U28G2XU Gaming Monitor Looks Like An Understated Powerhouse

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AOC has hit the spotlight recently after their announcement of their new line of Argon Pro monitors heading our way fairly soon, but for those wanting something in the meantime, the new AOC U28G2XU looks set to be a small, but meaningful step up from previous iterations.

So if you're on the hunt for the best gaming monitor for you, here's our breakdown of the AOC U28G2XU based on specs, reviews and features it offers.

AOC U28G2XU Gaming Monitor

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Credit: AOC

Brand: AOC | Size: 28" | Resolution: 4K | Response Time: 1ms | Refresh Rate: 144hz | Panel Type: IPS | Brightness: 370 cd/m² | Other features: HDR 400, Speakers, FreeSync Premium Pro

Analysis: A Solid Step Up

The AOC U28G2XU on the surface doesn't appear to have the sheer impact of the upcoming Argon Pro releases, but that's not really a bad thing depending on what you're using it for.

This isn't an HDMI 2.1 monitor, so even with the 4K, 144hz you won't be getting 120fps at 4K if you plug this into PS5 or Xbox Series X.

That being said, for console gamers, a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X could work nicely.

You're getting a very bright IPS display (with anti-glare too) making it a great choice for outstanding colour and viewing angles even in more well-lit rooms.

From a design perspective, sure, it doesn't really move the needle, but we think that's mostly because AOC has established a firm aesthetic in this series that leans more towards the minimal - making it great for anyone who isn't too hot on RGB lights.

Coming in at £589.99 on Amazon at the time of writing, it's quite an expensive monitor but still, a long way away from the best HDMI 2.1 displays on the market today, which tip the scales at around £1000 and above.

Should you go for it? In my experience, AOC has made a convincing argument for their monitors with both gaming and work, thanks to their superb colour accuracy and fantastic IPS displays.

For a 4K monitor without HDMI 2.1, it has some technical limitations, but for those playing on a decent PC or powerful 'old-gen console, it could be a worthy addition to your gaming setup.

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