AOC's New Argon Pro Gaming Monitors Look EPIC

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AOC are a massive name in the gaming scene and there's a good reason their products make many of our best gaming monitor lists.

As expected, AOC has been developing a new line of monitors which look set to raise the bar once more, and we've finally got our first glimpse at them, including what we think may become one of the best HDMI 2.1 monitors around...

Here's what's heading our way soon.

AOC Argon Pro Gaming Monitors

The new line, named Argon Pro, consists of three 27 inch gaming monitors designed with competitive gaming in mind.

They're all IPS displays, have USB-C ports, RGB lighting and even a projectable Argon logo.

Perhaps one of the biggest design changes over their previous models comes in the form of the 4 sides ultra slim bezels, which makes connecting a few of these together practically seamless.

Here's a quick breakdown of the specs of each monitor and spoiler alert, they're absolute units.


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Credit: AOC

Resolution: 2560x1440 | Refresh Rate: 170hz | Response Time: 1ms | Panel Type: IPS | Features: USB-C port, RGB Lighting, Projectable Logo

The AOC AG274QM looks like a solid choice for gamers looking for lightning-fast response times and who prefer to game in 1440p. 27 inches should be more than enough to get the most out of the resolution here.

And thanks to the Mini-LED technology, we should be seeing some seriously good image quality too.

AOC AG274UXP (Coming This Month)

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Credit: AOC

Resolution: 3840x2160 | Refresh Rate: 144hz | Response Time: 1ms | Panel Type: Nano IPS | Features: USB-C port, RGB Lighting, Projectable Logo, Adaptive sync, VRR, HDMI 2.1

Probably our pick of the bunch as this AOC ARG274UXP is looking like a strong contender for one of the best HDMI 2.1 monitors out there.

This would be a great shout if you've managed to bag a PS5 or Xbox Series X and want to game in 120fps at 4K, and thanks to its VRR and adaptive sync, we're expecting some seriously smooth gameplay.


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Credit: AOC

Resolution: 2560x1440 | Refresh Rate: 240hz | Response Time: 1ms | Panel Type: IPS | Features: USB-C port, RGB Lighting, Projectable Logo

The AOC AG274QG looks to be the most competitively orientated pick from the lot, with its staggeringly high refresh rate of 240hz.

We think this will be a popular choice for anyone who's nailing titles like Call of Duty on a regular basis.

Opinion: Worth The Wait?

While the AG274UXP is coming out later this month in the UK, US, and Europe, the other two will be hitting shelves in February.


Both the AG274QXM and AG274QG are identically priced at €1,089, which equates to around £930 / $1248, which is certainly on the steep side for non HDMI 2.1 monitors, however impressive they are.

These are serious upgrades though and if you're a professional gamer, we'd say it may be worth holding out until they release.

On the other side, if you're after a new HDMI 2.1 monitor for console, we think the AG274UXP will be up there with the best, especially if you divide your time between competitive fast-paced gaming and more cinematic titles.

If you're on the hunt for a new gaming monitor, check out our top monitor picks of 2021 right here, and don't forget that Black Friday is heading our way and we're already starting to see some amazing early deals roll in.

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