CES 2022: AMD Announces Powerful Ryzen 6000 Mobile Processors

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CES 2022 has kicked into gear and the announcements are rolling in, the latest of which is from AMD, and spoiler alert, it's a complete game-changer.

Here's everything we know so far, and why we're so excited.


Ryzen 6000 Mobile Processors Announced

CES 2022 has already brought in some showstoppers from the likes of LG and Samsung, but AMD's recent announcement may have just taken the cake.

A new line of processors for laptops has been announced and the impact could be massive.

The processors use Zen 3+ core architecture and claim to be one of the fastest AMD Ryzen processors yet, apparently able to reach up to 5GHz clock speeds with much faster processing speeds when stacked against the trusty Ryzen 5000 mobile processors.


But why are we so excited?

Ryzen 6000 Mobile Processor Specs

The graphics performance is said to be twice that of the Ryzen 5000 chips, with the big thing here being that this mobile processor can allow you to play AAA games without needing a powerful graphics card.

Built into the Ryzen 6000 mobile processor is hardware ray tracing, and a 50% larger compute engine, and that's in addition to AMD's answer to Nvidia's DLSS - FidelityFX Super Resolution.


There's also a marked improvement to battery life, which can be a sore spot for many gaming on laptops.

ryzen 6000 mobile processor release date
Credit: Acer
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With this new processor, what we could see is a large move towards 'casual competitive' gaming laptops designed for those who want to play games like Warzone on the go, but don't fancy shelling out for a flat-out gaming machine.


Without the need for high-end graphics cards, the price could finally dip into the affordable range and without the bulk, we could even see some slimline gaming/ productivity hybrids hit the market.

February is looking set to see a new line of Ryzen 6000 laptops to start rolling in, and we're excited to see how it changes the laptop landscape.

If the claims are true and you can play most modern games at 1080p without needing a graphics card, then we're interested to see just how the Ryzen 600 fairs with some of the most popular titles.

Intel will surely have an answer to this, but I'm confident that 2022 could be the start of something special within the laptop scene...and if that means people sneakily playing Fortnite in meetings, so be it!


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