Alienware x14 Laptop: Release Date, Specs, Price And More

Alongside the announcement of their latest AW3423DW monitor, we're equally excited about the upcoming release of the Alienware x14, Dells thinnest gaming laptop to date.

We've rounded up everything you need to know about the upcoming gaming laptop right here.

Alienware x14 Release Date

There is currently no confirmed release date for the Alienware X14, however, it is listed under "coming soon this winter" on the Dell Alienware website.

The x14 is set to release alongside some of the other gaming laptops announced by Dell at CES 2022, including the Alienware x15 R2, x17 R2 and m15 R7.

We'll be sure to update you as soon as the official release date is live.

Alienware x14 Specs

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Credit: Dell

Like many of the best gaming laptops, high-portability is key and the Alienware x14 is Dells thinnest to date (0.57 inches), made possible thanks to their new patent-pending hinge design.

While this laptop is small, it still features a USB-C port (also used for charging), one HDMI slot, two Thunderbolt 4 ports, a USB-A port, a micro-SD card reader and a headphone jack.

And even though the design is thinner than ever, this laptop still manages to pack some serious power under the hood and is Dells first-ever 14-inch laptop that supports NVIDIA Advanced Optimus and G-Sync technologies.

Advanced Optimus works to help make the battery of the laptop as efficient as possible and G-Sync helps to reduce screen tearing to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

In terms of power, you're getting the latest 12th Gen Intel Core H-series processor alongside either the Intel Arc Graphics or NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU.

These, together with up to 32GB of RAM should provide a solid amount of gaming power and should be able to run most PC games.

When it comes to the display, you're getting a 14-inch Full HD screen with up to 144Hz refresh rate, which should not only look great but help provide a fast, fluid gameplay experience.

Much like the ASUS TUF Dash 15 released last year, this laptop should offer an ultra-slim design and powerful gaming performance in one.

Alienware x14 Price

The Alienware X14 laptop is currently listed as having a starting price of $1,799.

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