Tales of Arise Release Date, Characters, and Everything We Know

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When does Tales of Arise come out? Is what Tales of... fans have been asking since 2019, when Bandai Namco unveiled the newest game in the long-running series before going nearly radio silent thanks to COVID-19 disruptions. Now, we finally have an answer to that question plus so much more.

The Tales of Arise release date is September 10. The COVID delays gave developers time to work on Tales of Arise for next-gen consoles as well. In addition to releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Bandai is releasing Tales of Arise on PS4 and Xbox Series X|S. It’s also coming to PC.


Tales of Arise celebrates the series’ 25th anniversary by doing more than just bringing it to next-gen consoles, though. Here’s everything we know about Tales of Arise so far.

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Latest News

July 5 - Opening Movie

As promised, Bandai Namco shared the Tales of Arise opening movie featuring animation from Demon Slayer studio Ufotable and the opening track "HINABA" from indie rock band Kankaku Piero.

June 25 - Shionne Trailer


Bandai Namco released a new trailer highlighting Shionne and some of her abilities.

Shionne possesses an ability that harms anyone who comes near, including the Dahnans that imprison her sometime before she meets Alphen and escapes the work camp.

In battle, however, she relies on a rifle and Astral Artes to simultaneously destroy foes and heal her party members.

Update - June 10: Summer Game Fest Trailer

Bandai revealed a new trailer during the Summer Game Fest 2021 showing two new party members and some of the game's enhanced visuals.

Tales of Arise Release Date

Tales of Arise releases September 9, 2021, in Japan and September 10, 2021, everywhere that’s not Japan.

Tales of Arise PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

Tales of Arise is coming to next-gen consoles on the same day. The PS5 version will include DualSense support, and both versions offer free upgrades from the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Tales of Arise Special Editions

Tales of Arise is getting a few special editions, though one of them is exclusive to the U.K. and E.U., at least for now. The Tales of Arise Collector's Edition is available for $189.99 only through the Bandai Namco online store.


In the U.S., it contains:

  • Full Game
  • SteelBook
  • Physical Soundtrack
  • 18 cm Figurine featuring Shionne and Alphen
  • 64 Page Artbook

The U.K. gets a Hootle version which includes:

  • Hootle plush
  • Stickers
  • Metal case
  • Collectible box
  • 3 prints
  • 64 Page Artbook
  • Digital accessories for use in-game

Tales of Arise Trailer

The release date announcement came in a new trailer exclusive to IGN, introducing new characters and showing off more of the game’s worlds.


Tales of Arise takes place on two planets, Rena and Dahna. Rena is the dominant civilization and enslaves the people of Dahna while siphoning Dahna’s resources for its own use.

Bandai also released a combat overview trailer:

Tales of Arise Characters

  • Alphen — Dahna slave who stands up to the Surdo and fights for a brighter future
  • Shionne — Co-protagonist who curses those she touches with thorns. Hails from Rena, but travels with Alphen
  • Rowe — Fighter from Dahna who travels with Alphen
  • Rinwell — Mage from Dahna
  • Hootle — Rinwell’s owl companion
  • Biezo — Surdo slavemaster overseeing the work area Alphen is initially confined to

Tales of Arise Demo

Bandai Namco's announced a free demo launches on August 18. That'll be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Series X|S on August 18th, though there's no mention of a PC demo.

What’s New in Tales of Arise?

Tales of Arise uses a new graphics engine for more detailed character models and enhanced environments.

Arise producer Yusuke TomizawaIt also discussed several several changes to the series’ combat in a Famitsu interview (translated by Gematsu).

Arise’s combat will be faster paced and revolve around evasion.


It also introduces new Boost skills.

Each character gets a Boost Attack skill that triggers after meeting certain requirements.

There’s also the Boost Strike, a finishing move that changes depending on enemy HP and which party members are fighting in that battle.

There’s no victory screen after battle, unlike previous Tales of games, as the goal is creating a more seamless transition in and out of combat.

However, Tomizawa promised more and varied skits in Tales of Arise and longer anime cutscenes.

Ufotable, of Fate/Stay night and Demon Slayer renown, is handling Arise’s anime scenes.