Sword Art Online Variant Showdown - Everything We Know So Far

Promotional image from Sword Art Online Variant Showdown.

Promotional image from Sword Art Online Variant Showdown.

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May 9, 2022: The SAO Variant Showdown closed beta registration period has begun!

If anime mobile games are your thing, then our Sword Art Online Variant Showdown everything we know guide is here to help! While the latest SAO game isn't out yet, we've got all the key details so that you're ready for when it eventually arrives later down the line.

Down below, we'll explain exactly what Sword Art Online Variant Showdown is, as well as what we know about the core gameplay and the story this new SAO mobile game is set to tell. Of course, we'll also go into how you can play the game early via the planned SAO Variant Showdown beta, and when the game could finally release.

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When Is The Sword Art Online Variant Showdown Release Date?

There is no solid or official Sword Art Online Variant Showdown release date just yet.

The only information available right now is that the game should release at some point in 2022. Given there isn't even a speculative release window yet, it'll most probably arrive towards the end of the year.

Potentially confirming that supposed 2022 release date, however, is that fact that SAO Variant Showdown pre-registrations started the moment the game was announced.

You can pre-register on the official website, with the classic ladder of rewards based on how many people follow suit. These range from energy consumables to new characters and even some free gacha pulls, so it's worth doing if you're interested.

There's also a Facebook page that's worth following, so you can keep up to date on all things Sword Art Online Variant Showdown.

Image of a sniper in Sword Art Online Variant Showdown.
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When Is the SAO Variant Showdown Beta?

The SAO Variant Showdown beta is set to begin on June 10. It will last only four days, closing its doors on June 14. Only 10k players will be selected, though, so your chances are slim.

You can register for the SAO Variant Showdown beta between May 7–16, 2022. After that, successful applicants will be prompted to download the game sometime before the beta starts the following month.

Tablets are not supported for the SAO Variant Showdown beta. Whichever device you use needs to have access to either Google Play or the App Store, suggesting that's where the download will come from.

Where Are the SAO Variant Showdown Beta Regions?

Looking at the survey you need to fill in to stand a chance of being selected, the SAO Variant Showdown beta will take place in Japan, USA, France, and Germany. They're the only four options on the list before you have to select "not listed." It's speculation at best, but it could suggest the test regions.

Sword Art Online Variant Showdown Gameplay

The first piece of Sword Art Online Variant Showdown gameplay footage emerged on YouTube in early April, showcasing 3D combat action similar to that of games like Punishing Gray Raven and Honkai Impact 3rd.

In the 90-second clip, we see Kirito dash toward a large enemy, slashing away with skills and calling in two allies to take over. A combo meters builds up, ranking the player's skill and applying a damage multiplier.

Is Sword Art Online Variant Showdown PVP?

Another gameplay video released on the same day seemingly showcases the game's PVP elements. It shows characters squaring off against others - rather than monsters - but this is unconfirmed.

That's it for our early look at Sword Art Online Variant Showdown! Be sure to stay tuned, because we'll update this guide will all the key info as soon as it arrives. In the meantime, feel free to check out our My Hero Ultra Impact tier list for another anime-based mobile game, or our Pet Simulator X codes for some Roblox freebies.

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