Smash Ultimate: What Will Kirby Look Like When He Eats Minecraft's Steve?

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With a new Smash Ultimate character being announced there's always one question on every player's mind: "What will Kirby look like when he inhales them?"

If it isn't, then it should be; especially as the latest character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate is Steve from Minecraft!


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What Will Kirby Looking When He Inhales Minecraft's Steve?

Announced on the 1st October, as the second DLC character in the Fighters Pass Vol. 2, Steve from Minecraft is joining Nintendo's fighting game.

Alongside Steve, he will be joined by Alex, Zombie and Enderman in character pack 7.

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Adding in Minecraft's latest character has not been an easy task. Mr Sakurai explains that all existing stages need to be reworked to allow blocks to be placed.

They also need to consider biomes and balance the game to accommodate the new fighter.


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As you may know, Kirby can inhale all fighters in the game and transform into them; copying their special ability (assigned to the 'B' button).

We can assume the same will happen to Kirby with Steve but what will he look like? Will he have a different version for all Minecraft characters?

While we still wait for more information, it hasn't stopped the internet showing off their take on what Kirby will look like.

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Our personal favourite...

Photo via Jory Satana


Photo via @Lordofpigeons

Kirby gets a SERIOUS buzz cut


Photo via @Atropolis_Zone

More information on how Steve works will be revealed in a dedicated livestream on the 3rd October at 3pm BST.

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