New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament Announced - Full Details, Dates and More

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate is well into its second Fighter Pass having now added Min Min and most recently Minecraft's Steve into the mix.

With the Switch game still thriving, you might be curious about what the future has in-store for the fighting game.


Well the future is looking bright, as Nintendo has announced a brand new event coming to the game.

This one is making us particularly hungry as well!

Here are all the details.



All Mouth

Announced via a tweet from the Nintendo account, a brand new tournament is set to kick off soon.

Titled 'All Mouth', this event is going to be one of the wackiest we have seen in quite some time.

It appears the whole premises around this tournament is to use fighters who are known for flexing their mouths.


Hence the ample amount of food in the image.

From what we can see, some of the fighters will be: 

  • Bowser
  • Yoshi
  • Kirby 
  • King Dede




The event is going to kick off on November 13th, 2020 which is this upcoming Friday.

As well, the event is going to run for three days, so all weekend! 




We do not know any further details regarding the event as of yet.

Be sure to check back closer to Friday for more notes!