Moist Kola Accidentally Drops Controller In Toilet Before Smash Con Semi-Final Match Causing Delays

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Smash Con hosts many Super Smash Bros tournaments, but semi-final delays are rare. Moist Esports has dominated Super Smash news outlets lately, but this time it's not just for how well they're doing. After reaching the top 8 in Smash Con, Moist Kolawole 'Kola' Aideyan used the restroom before his next match.

It seems he wanted to take his controller along with him. I have no idea why he would do that, maybe it's to prevent others from cheating or maybe it's good luck. Either way, someone nearby heard a "plop" and a "Noooooooooo! "shortly after that.


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Super Smash Con Tournament

It was an embarrassing mistake for Moist Kola to drop his controller in a stall toilet. To make matters worse, he had to fish it out. In this tweet, someone describes what happened in the bathroom with this top 8 contender.


This ending is beautiful.

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As a result, the Smash Con tournament had to be halted because Moist Kola could no longer use the controller. The water basically kept it from working, but that thing is nasty now; no way anyone should touch it again. The story spread like wildfire, and even the casters talked about it. Clip below.


Thank you to Andrés Aquino, a talented writer from Ginx EsportsTV, for finding these. This clip and the story made my day, and since Moist Esports is my favorite team, I wish them luck for the remainder of the Smash Con tournament.

If anything like this happens to you out there, I have some words to live by. For every lousy occasion, there's a good one right around the corner.