Here's What Kirby's Sora Transformation Looks Like

With every new fighter announcement for Super Smash Bros Ultimate comes an arguably better one: New Kirby Transformations. This time around it is Sora, who changes Kirby's appearance in a delightful way that references the Kingdom Hearts Series. Here's what Kirby's Sora Transformation looks like.

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Kirby Sora Transformation Revealed

Kirby's transformation after inhaling Sora has received plenty of fan-made mock-ups over the years. Now that Sora has officially been announced, we can look at a Keyblade-wielding Kirby in all their glory. Check out the screenshots below from the official Nintendo Versus Twitter account.

How Does Kirby's Inhale Ability Work?

Kirby's Neutral Special attack in Super Smash Bros Ultimate is called Inhale. Kirby can swallow any other fighter and spit them back out, taking on some of their attributes in the process. In the case of Sora, they mimic his hair and magic abilities. Kirby also gets a Keyblade made of magic as they fight. A move that's sure to please Kingdom Hearts and Kirby fans alike.

So there you have it, that's what Kirby looks like after transforming into Sora. We'll be bringing you more on Sora in the future. in the meantime, here's what we know about the fighter's inclusion in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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